Residencial Los Molinos

Calle Los Molinos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Eustaquio Martínez García

This group of houses is located in an area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which has become a meeting point between the historic centre and the new developments in the southern part of the city. The proposal is based on the arrangement of a lineal block with an L shaped base around a large open space, and a tower with a quadrangular base. The guiding philosophy of the project was to achieve urban regeneration. The building can be understood as a project that emphasises the concept of space as an element that gives oxygen to the city. The absence of scale in the building’s composition brings a feeling of calm to its urban surroundings. The design of horizontal stripes on the façade enhances the horizontal nature of the structure, which is emphasised by its continuity over the whole surface. The point where both buildings meet the ground is resolved by the use of a plinth made of natural stone. The same idea is repeated on the attic's surface. On the patio's façades a system of vertical spaces has been used to avoid the flats overlooking each other. The use, therefore, of the unique resource of a façade that does not refer either to scale or to the interior use of the spaces makes it resemble a smooth skin that wrinkles only when the blinds are opened, giving the whole structure a neutral, calm and unified presence.

(extracted from INSERSIONES INMERSIONES of Corona y P. Amaral Architects)

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